HP Labs Technical Reports

  1. High Precision Division and Square Root
  2. IVD: An Integrated Performance Visualization and Debugging Tool for Parallel Applications
  3. Ad Hoc Visualization of Distributed Arrays
  4. Bit Reversal on Uniprocessors
  5. On-the-fly Visualization and Debugging of Parallel Programs
  6. Concurrent Application Control in Collaborative Computing
  7. Bank Conficts in Cache Tags
  8. E-speak E-xplained
  9. Conversations+Interfaces=Business Logic
  10. The Client Utility Architecture: The Precursor to E-speak PDF
  11. Service Framework Specification, Part I, Version 2.0,
  12. Transformational Interactions for P2P E-Commerce
  13. Split Capabilities for Access Control
  14. Site Specific Passwords
  15. A Day in the Life 2010
  16. The Client Utility as a Peer-to-Peer System
  17. Making Money Selling What Others Are Giving Away
  18. Getting Agents to Negotiate Good Deals: A Progress Report
  19. Three Design Patterns for Secure Distributed Systems
  20. Rules of Engagement for Automated Negotiation
  21. Representing Utiity for Automated Negotiation
  22. A Game Tree Strategy for Automated Negotiation
  23. POLA Today Keeps the Virus at Bay
  24. Computing the Digest of an RDF Graph
  25. Customizable Description and Dynamic Discovery for Web Services
  26. The Ultimatum Conundrum
  27. RDF Graph Digest Techniques and Potential Applications
  28. Lessons from E-speak
  29. Polaris: Virus Safe Computing for Windows XP
  30. Shatter-proofing Windows
  31. Authorization Based Access Control for the Services Oriented Architecture
  32. The Global Computer
  33. MUPPET: Mobile Ubiquitous Privacy Protection for Electronic Transactions
  34. Improving Usability by Adding Security to Video Conferencing Systems
  35. Zebra Copy: A Reference Implementation of Federated Access Management
  36. Solving the Transitive Access Problem for the Services Oriented Architecture
  37. From ABAC to ZBAC: The Evolution of Access Control Models
  38. Mobile In-Store Personalized Services
  39. Not One Click for Security
  40. Making Policy Decisions Disappear into the User's Workflow
  41. Output-Valid Rollback-Recovery
  42. Managing Data Retention Policies at Scale
  43. Clusterken: A Reliable Object-Based Messaging Framework to Support Data Center Processing
  44. Are you sure? Yes. Oops!
  45. Sidestep: Co-Designed Shiftable Memory & Software